Lila Shrestha

TNMA Executive Office Director

Lila Shrestha is a dedicated individual with a profound commitment to leadership and community service, leaving an enduring mark on society. Since Sept. 2018, Mr. Shrestha has been serving as an honorary founding member, and Director of the Executive Office at the Texas Nepalese Medical Association (TNMA). He has been instrumental in playing key roles in shaping the organization. He consistently upholds TNMA’s guiding principle: Working Together for a Healthy Community.

Additionally, Mr. Shrestha has been involved in various capacities with the Blood Donors of America (BDA) since December 2013, serving as the Founding General Secretary BDA Texas. He has held roles such as Executive Member, Publication Coordinator, and is currently a Team Member of the Liaison Committee 2023. Mr. Shrestha eagerly believes in ‘Donating Blood is an Act of Solidarity.’

Having held pivotal roles as an Executive Member and Office In-Charge with the Nepalese Society of Texas (NST) 2009, Mr. Shrestha’s commitment to Dallas-Fort Worth Nepali community engagement extends to his active involvement since 2004. Beyond his contributions to NST, BDA, and TNMA- Mr. Shrestha has consistently devoted his time to various social organizations, leaving an indelible mark on society. Volunteering is his passion, providing an avenue to connect with diverse individuals and extend assistance to those in need.

For inquiries or contact, Mr. Shrestha can be reached at 214-226-8634 or via email at