Haris Neupane, Pharmacy Tech

Pharmacy Director

Haris Neupane, CPhT, demonstrates a decade-long collaboration with both corporate and independent pharmacies in the Dallas-Fort Worth region. As Atma Pharmacy’s Pharmacy Administrator, he leads a mission to provide a personalized, cost-effective, and compassionate healthcare experience. Haris excels in building professional relationships with healthcare providers, streamlining patient navigation, and ensuring optimal health outcomes through medication provision and adherence maintenance.
A driving force in establishing Atma Pharmacy, Haris cultivated a culture that goes beyond conventional prescription services. Emphasizing a local, friendly atmosphere, he has fostered a close-knit staff dedicated to prioritizing patient care, including providing medication counseling in Nepali to encourage patient engagement. At Atma Pharmacy, the commitment exceeds industry standards, offering a unique approach that prioritizes individualized attention.

With an unwavering focus on community service, Haris leads Atma Pharmacy in delivering exceptional care that surpasses patient expectations. This commitment to excellence is upheld while maintaining affordability and personalization in every aspect of the pharmacy experience.